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Rapunzel by captainspring Rapunzel by captainspring
It's an illustration for one of my favourite ficwriter's story called «The friends and the enemies of Sirius Black». It takes place in AU where Sirius was sorted into Slytherin. But he's still our good old Sirius whose heart will always belong to Gryffindor, no matter what the Sorting Hat thinks.
I paint them in no particular order and it kinda bothers me a little bit. Anyway, it's the second one and I still have another 10 to paint. C:
Proportions aren't that good here, but I am tired of attempts to make them work good altogether.

Here's the part of the story which inspired me (I translated it myself so my apologies for all the mistakes):
«Black sniffed and retold him the talk between Snape and Evans he has overheard. Mole named after Lucius didn’t impress Potter – he didn’t know Slytherin’s Prefect (and, to be honest, didn’t want to know), but Rapunzel...
James rolled up his sleeves and trouser-legs, tied up hem of the robe and got into the water.
“Ah?” Sirius opened his mouth.
James fumbled in the water, snatched at something and from the second try he pulled out the whole bush of water-plants – long green braids paddling in the water.
“Oh!” said Sirius. And shut his mouth.
James, looking business-like, fastened water-plantish mane on the hat, pulled it down over his eyes, straightened out the robe and proclaimed:
“There’s a Rapunzel!”
It flowed from the improvised wig. Sirius grunted. James laughed.»


done with openCanvas and Photoshop

fanfic ([link]) © black_tiger
James Potter and HP-universe © J. K. Rowling
art © ~Dzihiri
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